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Aim of the Choreographer
Info Thoughts
Making theatre is creating new spaces. What happens in this space is projected in a choreography through dance, movement and music. Light, sets and costumes are as important as the choreography and music. All these ingredients must form a consistent theatrical whole. Each choreography, regardless of its duration, is total theatre. A physical and visual performance in which everything has its own place.

The choreography immerges the spectator into a world where his individual fantasy is stimulated so that his interpretation takes the upper hand, inviting him to participate mentally in what happens on stage.

A choreography can be based on an idea, its meaning will determine the choice of music. Conversely, the music can be the starting point for the content of the choreography. Whichever the starting point, the music should enclose the choreography.

As performers, the dancers are the core of the creation. Through their personality, individual interpretation, dance techniques and artistic contribution, choreographer and dancers should stimulate each other and be a mutual source of inspiration.