Danny Rosseel









Spent Passions
Music: Peter Sculthorpe - String Quartet nr 9
Set and Costume Design: Danny Rosseel
Light Design: Jaak Van de Velde
'Mind at ease, All passions spent' is the leading thread running through this contemporary ballet. Different passions, from the innocent to the less innocent ones are ruling our existence. The seduction preceding passion is a link in the chain and the way towards it ...
In order to be able to experience and command one's passions we must liberate ourselves of the self inflicted straightjacket of moral, social and religious notions.

This ballet was filmed by the Belgian television under the direction of Dirk Grijspeirt.


... as our angst-befuddled Everyman, his hands joined by a long swath of spandex cloth expressing his self reflexive existential dilemma, to face the disquieting/alluring aspects of femininity as the black mini-skirted vamp chorus of Dominique Angel, Lara Murphy and Andrea Dawn Shelley writhe about and look on in vaguely menacing boredom. You had to have been there - and if you get a chance, do!
(Miami Sun Post)

In the creation "Spent Passions" Danny Rosseel proves his inspiration once more. The scenography is visionary, his dancers metaphors of extreme modernity, the dancing of the two women is breath-taking.

(De Nieuwe Gazet)