Danny Rosseel









Cutting Corners
Music: Selection by Danny Rosseel of ancient Greek music
Set and Costume Design: Danny Rosseel
Light Design: Jaak Van de Velde
The woman in this ballet is the symbol of both spiritual and sensual desire. Desire can trigger other emotions such as ambition, aggression, jealousy, etc ... Whoever becomes obsessed with desire can be destroyed by its consequences. Desire itself is timeless and will always take posession of someone else.

The music of 'Cutting Corners' is a composition of instrumental and vocal pieces from different fragments of ancient Greek music, found during archeological excavations. For the performance of this music the group 'Atrium Musicae de Madrid' has copied the original instruments. It presents us with a personal interpretation of the mostly incomplete papyrus and marble fragments.

Dedicated to Rudi Van den Berghe (+1984), Soloist Royal Ballet of Flanders.


... 'Cutting Corners', the ballet of the talented choreographer Daniel Rosseel, is a part of this opening program ... this ballet is a true revelation.
(Het Nieuwsblad)

Choreographic Jewel ... The Pas de Trois for two men and a woman is gripping from the beginning to the end... beautiful images are created in a powerful ballet full of expression.

(Het Volk)